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Detecting tubes are destined for fast detecting and measuring gases or substances vapours. These products can be used mostly in environmental tests and measurements at work stands.
The detecting tubes are sunk on both sides of glass tube containing indication bed. Measuring scale outside the detector is destined for reading the measured gas concentration.
    Performance of test consists in breaking off ends of the detector and pumping specified quantity of tested gas through it using adequate bellows pump. During the measurement, depending on concentration of the tested gas, colouring of indication layer gradually changes. You can read the result by comparing colouring length of indication layer zone with the scale on the tube.

    Diagram of the detecting tube is presented in the below Fig.:

    1. measuring zone of indication mass
    2. detector scale
    3. contrast bands limiting the measuring zone
    4. gas name
    5. concentration degree

    Full offer of detecting tubes you can find in the catalogue of our Products

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