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   Technological development in many fields of human activity cause special problems to microbiologists. They relate to quality tests of manufactured food and microbiological purity of technological flights and lines, water quality and environment cleanness.
   Microorganisms are characterized by huge strength and will of survival and microbiologists seek more and more efficient and fast methods to detect them, to identify and then to annihilate them effectively, since they pose threat to life and health of people and animals.

   In order to meet the needs of microbiological diagnosis, Avantor Performance Materials Poland S. A. offers:
  • ready-made mediums on dishes, in bottles or test tubes of TRIOS make,
  • mediums of FLUKA make for preparation in laboratories.
    Our offer for microbiological laboratories can be complemented by:
  • disposable laboratory glass and laboratory equipment made of plastic,
  • membrane filters for microbiological analysis,
  • products for testing correctness of sterilization process course.

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