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main / products and trades / analytical / glass and laboratory equipment
    We offer the following high quality products:
  • SIMAX borosilicate glass of class 3.3 according to ISO-DIN 3585 Standard,
  • products of glass made by Polish manufacturers,
  • products of quartz glass.
    You will find the following products in our offer:
  • Laboratory boiling glassware – flasks, crystallising dishes, evaporating dishes, beakers
  • Blow and pressed laboratory glassware – desiccators, funnels, weighing bottles
  • Laboratory bottles – reagent bottles, dropping bottles, gas washing bottles
  • Volumetric glassware – volumetric flasks, cylinders, pipettes, burettes, measures graduated, separatory funnels, tubes
  • Laboratory apparatus – condensers, stoppers, adapters, test tubes,
  • Other laboratory glassware – reagent bottles, watch glasses, Petri dishes
  • Laboratory porcelain – funnels, mortars, evaporating dishes, crucibles
  • Plastic labware – flasks, beakers, measuring vessels, tubes, funnels

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