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   High purity solvents
   The high rate of chromatography techniques development that occur within the recent years, in the Central and Eastern Europe in particular, caused that Avantor Performance Materials Poland company made decision to construct a high purity solvents factory in Poland.
   New plant to manufacture solvents of the highest quality parameters had been established in 2006 in Avantor Performance Materials Poland Gliwice, where technology and know-how of Labscan Ltd. Company were applied. POCH Rotsystem - ROTATIONAL SUPPLY SYSTEM OF HIGH PURITY SOLVENTS

    Solvents for LC-MS (LC-MasScan®)
   Solvents dedicated to liquid chromatography combined with mass detection constitute a new group of high purity solvents. These reagents are the result of increasing requirements related with environment monitoring and lower and lower limits of contamination levels in products of our Customers.
   Development of instrumental techniques which can be characterised by higher selectivity and sensitivity comparing to methods used in the past, entail detection of lower and lower levels of concentration of examined substances. Together with development of apparatuses, reagents develop as well. This development applies to solvents which can be characterised by low levels of halogen derivative contaminations not higher than 5ng/l as lindane (GC-ECD) and 10 ng/l as ethyl-parathion (GC/PND). Moreover, these solvents contain low content of metal ions:
  • Sodium Na+ - max 0,1 ppm
  • Potassium K+ - max 0,1 ppm
  • Calcium Ca2+ - max 0,1 ppm
  • Magnesium Mg2+ - max 0,1 ppm
    Solvents for HPLC (HPLC-Chromoscan®)
   These solvents are dedicated for high performance fluid isocratic and gradient chromatography and represent the biggest group of solvents offered by Avantor Performance Materials Poland S.A.
   They can be characterised by:
  • great ability to dissolve a sample and the wide range of the offer guarantees free selection of the best solvent for the tested sample,
  • high quality, repeatability of parameters in series that guarantees repeatability of analyses results,
  • lack of contaminations at the UV transmittances declared in specifications, that guarantees lack of "ghost peaks",
  • stability of base line. Low drift of the base line guarantees detection of even the lowest concentrations of tested substance.

    Solvents for determining pesticides residues (GC-Pestican®)
   The Avantor Performance Materials Poland solvents dedicated for analysis using the method of gas chromatography can be characterised by extreme low content of halogen derivative compounds at level not higher than 5 ng/l.
   Analyses using these reagents constitute the best solution for research, control and measurement laboratories that examine samples for the presence of pesticides or insecticides. Low levels of halogen derivative compounds in a solvent guarantee repeatable and unequivocal analyses results - qualitative ones in particular.

    Solvents for environmental analysis (GC-Enviroscan®)
   Detection of trace amounts of halogen-derivatives and organic substances from environmental samples requires the use of suitably purified solvents in order not to introduce pollution from solvent into the sample of examined substance. Selection of a solvent of suitable purity is essential at the stage of preparing samples for analysis.
   Properly purified environmental solvents guarantee declared contamination levels of organic compounds (10 ng/ml as toluene GC/FID) and halogen- derivatives (5 ng/l as lindane GC/ECD) or trihalomethanes at 1 ppb.
   These solvents are especially dedicated to qualitative and quantitative analysis of pesticides, herbicides, PAHs - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PCBs - polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, and other volatile halogen-derivatives.

    Solvents for GC-headspace (GC-Headscan)
   Solvents developed for more sensitive GC-headspace analyses of volatile organic impurities. These solvents are divided into 3 classes according to their toxicity. Their purity and handling specifications meet the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia (Eur. Ph) and USP as well as ICH guidelines (International Conference on Harmonization).
   The new GC-HS line includes three of the most commonly used organic solvents: DMSO-dimethyl sulfoxide, DMF-N,N-dimethylformamide, DMA-N,N-dimethylacetamide. new brochure

    Dehydrated solvents (Anhydrosan®)
   Dehydrated solvents for DNA and peptides synthesis can be characterized by low content of water. Acetonitrile of water content max. 10 ppm draws special attention in this group. In order to provide stability during storing, this solvent is packed in nitrogen atmosphere free of oxygen. Such procedure provides stability of solvent parameters after opening bottle and obtaining repeatable tests results.
   Upon Customer request, we offer products with addition of molecular sieves that guarantee stable water content in the products during its use.

    Solvents for spectroscopy (Spectroscan)
   Avantor Performance Materials Poland S. A. offers new generation of solvents for UV-VIS spectroscopy which are mainly used for organic compounds analyses.
   The most important parameter is transmittance/absorbance (permeability). The higher transmittance (lower absorbance), the more transparent solvent is.
   In order to maintain very high UV transmittance value, all solvents are cleaned and packed under dry nitrogen.

   The annexe (PDF file) contains a balance of high purity solvents offered by our Company.

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