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   Does company make possible to raise my qualifications?
   We suggest training that allows increasing your vocational qualifications and expanding knowledge. Training schedule for separate employees group is available as well. For instance, if you would be included into manager group, you shall participate in training cycle named: "manager group improvement". Our programme includes also training dedicated to your interpersonal skills – for instance, assertive training, fluent speech, presentation art, negotiation art, etc.
    We suggest specialist training as well. The goal of these training is to achieve vocational qualifications. They are strictly connected with department, in which you work and allow everyday working at your post.
   Moreover, qualifications may be raised during vocational, master or postgraduate studies. If studies specialisation shall be consistent with company expectations, a portion of costs incurred by you shall be refunded by company.

   What are my chances to develop professionally in the Company?
   Carrier planning consists in determining the fields, which are the most interested to suit your predispositions. Therefore, we plan individual development and carrier paths – the promotion to specific higher offices in company organisation structure.
   The work undertaken once at given post should not be the "life" work. You may change your work not changing the employer.
   While starting the work, for instance, in manufacture section, you have not to confine to it. As time passes, depending on your predispositions, you may change section and work there, where you can achieve the bests results. You shall agree your professional goals together with a superior. To this end and on the basis of annual employee's effectiveness assessment the trainings shall be so selected that they would be the most useful for you.

    Does company provide social packet?
   Our employees are provided with access to social packet, composed of:

   Medical care:
   We care of your health – it is controlled by company industrial physician: you may accomplish the most of examinations in situ, in Medical Analysis Laboratory that operates within company.

   In our company, loans and provident fund is active; there is also social welfare fund available as well. You may obtain, after meeting specified terms, accommodation unit and repair loan from this fund or additional payment for holidays and holiday camps.

   Employees canteen:
   The Company provides for some posts the warm meals to be consumed in the canteen. The canteen provides tasty dinners and runs snack bar.

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