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   We conduct the whole-year enrolment procedure depending on demand. Our future employees are engaged via announcements in press and at universities, students career offices, personnel consulting companies as well as employment agencies.

   Enrolment process is composed of two stages:
   Stage I:
    We expect that you prepare your letter of intent and CV and you send it to e-mail address: or you shall fill the applicant employment questionnaire suggested by our company.

   Stage II:
   After positive estimation of your application you shall be invited to interview, which could be arranged in two or three stages. The first stage goal is to meet you and to learn about your expectations. Interview shall be conducted by a person who represents personnel department. After passing this stage, the next negotiation shall be conducted; this time with participation of manager a department, where you would like to work. During negotiations you may expect questions related to your education, experience, vocational plans. Knowledge of foreign languages shall be estimated as well. Depending on position, the third negotiation could be conducted at presence and with participation of department manager.
    Interviews are conducted in the company seat, Personnel and Administration Section. Information on negotiation results shall be send to you up to 3 weeks from interview date.

 Personnel Manager:
 Anna Dziubka
 tel. +32 23-92-203
 Specialist for Personnel Issues:
 Wioletta Piluk
 tel. +32 23-92-225
 Specialist for Human Resources Issues:
 Celina Głąb
 tel. +32 23-92-365

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